ISIA Urbino Werkplaats Typografie Summer School 2018


Can a ritualistic loop and instructional posters help pull artists and designers out of a creative rut?

ISIA Urbino, a visual communication school in Urbino, Italy, and Werkplaats Typografie, a typographic school in Amsterdam, teamed up for several summers to offer an experimental program for designers and artists. I attended during the summer of 2018. We were free to make any work we wanted as long as it related to the year's theme, "ritual," with guidance from four instructors.

Inspired by the Catholic Rosary and artist's block, my project consisted of four large posters hung around a sun-drenched room. With this series of posters, I wanted to develop a ritualistic loop for creative people to bring them out of a creative rut. Could these instructions for this ritualistic loop become a part of the surrounding landscape as public instructions?